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curious about what it means to be human

What does it mean to be human?  What does human wholeness look like?  How do humans become whole?  What can we learn from the text of Nature?  What is the significance of body and spirit? What are we to make of human history? How do we honor suffering? And how do we honor joy?  What is true of Ultimate Reality and how can we know it? And, how do the great wisdom and faith traditions respond to these questions?


inquiry and discovery

At The Deeply Rooted Collective, we've experienced these questions as fascinating trailheads; and in community, we are venturing out to explore the landscapes of meaning, experience and discovery that lie endlessly beyond.  

This journey has led us to particular curiosity about the embodied genius of contemplative practices, the wonder of Trinitarian Presence at the heart of Reality, and the exuberant hope of the Renewal of All Things.


deeply rooted

The Wisdom tradition assures us that setting our hearts, minds and bodies on pilgrimage leads to deepening relationship with the natural world, ourselves and others;  a growing-capacity to give and receive love; and an ongoing recovery of genuine and generative humanness. 

The Deeply Rooted Collective exists to support humans in exploring together through inquiry and experience what it means to be human in a universe created, sustained, and renewed by Love.


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